Tuesday 14 August 2012

Servers built

I've built four servers, and they're all currently under test. I was a bit worried about whether I'd be able to use the 3tb drives; if you google then you'll find a lot of uncertainty as to whether you can actually get the full 3tb with some motherboards. Well, I've done some tests, and I've found that they work fine with the three main motherboards that I use (which tend to be a few years old), and also with the Sata raid cards I use.

I'm using Fedora 17 now, that's the latest version. Fedora 9 couldn't handle drives larger than 2tb, but Fedora 17 has no problems. You have to use parted instead of fdisk.

I also realised that loading up the servers can go a lot faster. I've been using a problem I wrote that does an scp from one server to another, one file at a time. but the overhead in using scp is so large, that it's a *lot* faster if you use scp to do multiple file copying, as in *.*

Superglue is wonderful. When one of my PDA holders breaks (which often happens if the bike falls over), I often find that I can repair the broken plastic with superglue, and it's as strong as the original.

An annoying feature of Amazon - they have this great "You bought this so you might like that" feature. But what they don't have is a "Don't buy this, you already bought it" feature. An order from Amazon just arrived, and, annoyingly, one of the books I just bought, I now realise, I already had. From Amazon.


  1. Interestingly, they sort of have that feature for me: if I visit the page for a book I've purchased (for instance), I get "Instant Order Update for Bill Weiss. You purchased this item on August 6, 2012. View this order." where "View this order" is a link, and that date is obviously when I purchased it.

  2. I think part of the problem is, they have multiple versions of the same book