Wednesday 15 August 2012

Around Southend

Today was forecast to be showery, so I decided to go to Southend and bike along the sea front. The idea was, if it starts raining, I can always duck into a shelter and wait for it to stop. In the event, there was almost no rain. I was out from 10 am to 5pm, and had a very late lunch.

I did 37 caches, and biked 41 kilometers. 3 DNFs, plus one where I found the eyebolt it was attached to and the string, but the cache was gone, so I put in a temporary replacement.

And I tried to do four caches along a river that ran in the bottom of a concrete gully. But it looked to me as if, in each case, I'd have to get down into the gully, which wouldn't be a big problem, but I could foresee a huge problem getting out again. And since I was on my own, I wouldn't get any help. What I needed here, I thought, is a rope ladder, and a length of rope to tether it to something solid. I have the rope, but no ladder. So I went on Ebay and ordered a 2.5 meter rope ladder, capable of carrying 100 kilos (i.e., me), and this will become part of the standard equipment in the car. It's not the first time I've felt the need for a rope ladder, so I've finally taken action.

The adjustments I made to the back rack seem to have done the trick; the panniers no longer foul the kickstand, so they're no longer being destroyed as I ride along.

Battery mileages:
B5 11km
B2 15.3 km
B6 14km and still going strong

I like Southend. There's lots and lots of chip shops. Sadly, my diet precludes chips.

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