Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hastings again

Another trip to Hastings, to finish off all the puzzle caches that I'd started. It was a good day; nice weather, and I found all the puzzle caches. it's good when that happens, becuase in the absence of Geocheckers, you're never really sure that you've got it right, until you locate the container, and some of the locations I'd plotted looked pretty unlikely. Low numbers, though, only 19. INATN. Not much on the bike, mostly on foot and driving around.

I've not had any recurrence of my hip tendonitis, or of my plantar fasciitis. The tendonitis I got in my shoulder when I fell off that bridge, is almost gone, it's clearing up slowly but surely. So that's why I'm hoping I can do a long trip tomorrow. Ladysolly is amazed that I'm going out four times this week, but she can't come with, because of her hip, but that's healing well, she says.

Tomorrow I'm planning to be entirely on foot, for a two longish circuits in the Chilterns.

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