Thursday 16 August 2012

Around the Chilterns part 2

But first, a couple of pictures from yesterday's trip to Southend.

I saw this notice on the sea front. I'd like to avoid whatever it's prohibiting, but I don't know what PWC is. I might be doing it by riding along the promenade, or maybe just by being there. 

And I found this in the town.

So I went in, showed them the log book from a cache I'd just done, and asked them for a loan.

Actually, I didn't, I bottled it.

So, today I did a second stint around the Chiltern marathon series. I've done rings A and B, so today I did C and D. There was a lot of lifting involved, and at the start of D, I had to push the bike up an incredibly long and steep hill. You can see how long and steep.

That's the view from the top, you can see how tiny the houses at the bottom look, and that's where I started from. You can also see how the hill curves down, getting so steep that you can't see the track from the top. I was pretty puffed out by the time I got to the top.

A bit later on, all that height was rewarded by this great view.

48 caches done today, including a puzzle cache just outside Wycombe that I solved ages ago and which has been nagging at me to get the log signed.

A good day out, but exhausting. There's one ring left to do in this series.

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