Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Biking round Hastings

I decided to go to Hastings today, because that was the only place I could find that had a rain-free weather forecast, and where there were loads of caches to do. It's a bit far, about 2 hours.

I picked up a few on the way, and then arrived in Hastings. I parked, got the bike out, and went on a tour.

One of the puzzle caches I did, I still don't know how you're supposed to get into the area I went to; it was obviously a public area, because there were other walkers, but I went in through a gap in a high wire fence, and I left by climbing over a five bar gate, with bike.

I was trundling along one track when I encountered a lady with a dog, and she looked at me in a very hostile manner. "You know there's a No Bikes sign at the start of this path?" she said. "I didn't see such a sign", I explained. She looked at me in a way that was meant to make me curl up and die. However, when I looked at the entrance to the track, there were warning signs about dogs, but nothing about bikes.

I racked up several DNFs, but I found 39 caches, including several puzzle caches. One of the puzzle caches wasn't where I looked, because in the time between me solving it (several months ago) and now, the cache owner had relocated it.

Another series of caches; I solved 5 out of 6 puzzles, but I've had another look at the sixth, and now I've solved it. Plus, I've solved a few other puzzles round there. So I'll be returning to Hastings as soon as I can.

I used fully my two best batteries; B6 ran for 17.6 km, and B2 for 12.3.

As I started to drive home, the rain arrived. Just in time!

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