Saturday 4 August 2012


My first effort was to retreive a puzzle cache; I'd had to do a jigsaw puzzle, then I had to work out where the picture was on the map. Getting to it wasn't easy; I got a bootfull as I went through a gate, and then I had to climb a fence to get to the side of the bridge that I needed to be. But then a quick find, hurrah.

Then I picked up another puzzle cache nearby, and then moved on to my first circuit of the day. And my first soaking; while I was biking along the bridlepath, the heavens opened. It was what the Met Office calls a "thundery shower" and what I call "lightning, thunder, cats and dogs". And the rain makes searching more difficult, because every time you move a bush, it dumps another pint of water on you. And it threatens to get water into the PDA.

So I got back to the car, and had lunch while I dried out a bit, changed my wet gloves, and then I did a circuit of Warmington, and I got rained on again.

Then I relocated to Thorpe Park in Peterborough, and did another circuit ... and got soaked again. So much, that it affected the PDA, and I had to go back to the car for a replacement PDA. So then I did a couple more caches in the direction of the town center, and it rained on me again, and at that point I decided that I was wet enough, so I went home. So just 28 caches today, but I got the two puzzle caches that I really wanted to get.

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