Tuesday 7 August 2012

Wandering in Worthing

First, I went to Findon, where they have the sheep fair each year. Ladysolly and I did the original Findon Sheep series a long time ago - this was a new one. There were 45 caches, and I thought that it might take all day, so I loaded up the bike suitably. And with all the tracks being bridleways or better, biking would be good!

I actually went round in under four hours, a cache finding rate of 11 per hour. Only one of them took me a log time to find, and that was mostly because the GPS decided to throw a wobbly.

Back to the car for lunch, then on to Worthing, wnere I grabbed a couple of puzzles that I'd solved a while back, and did a bunch of trads and multis.

On the way home, I nearly had an accident. It's a big mistake to quaff three mugs of coffee before starting a long journey; coffee not only fills the bladder, it also acts as a diuretic. So, as I was trundling round the M25 about 30 minutes from home, I realised that I didn't actually have 30 minutes, and if I tried to hold out, I'd have a terrible accident. So I pulled in to the hard shoulder at a point where the M25 is quite bushy, ducked behind a bush, and accident-proofed myself.

65 cahes done, a very good day out.

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