Saturday 31 October 2015

Back to Binsted

I did 63 of the caches last week. I did them on foot, and rediscovered my plantar fasciitis. After eight days rest, I felt it was healed enough to risk going out again, but in order to reduce the impact on my foot, I went by bike.

I parked at the same place, by the recreation area, prepped the bike, and zoomed off.

38 caches later, I got back to the car. It was 3pm, and I was exhausted, because there had been too many difficult stiles. And I found that my left wrist is now feeling strained, so I've got it bandaged up now.

En route, I met 32851 (I might have the wrong number), and we teamed up for a few caches along the way, I also benefited from an invaluable boost, because I got to a flight of steps that I could not have got the bike up alone. Thinking about it, I would probably have detached the battery pack and acrried the bike up the steps, at a cost of greap knackeredness.

And then the two of us met another pair of cachers going the opposite way round, and we all stopped for a long chat.

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