Friday, 23 October 2015

Binsted on foot

I had a look at a circuit near Binsted. It seemed to be 90% on footpaths, and the cache page said that there were lots of stiles, so I decided to do it on foot.

The first 40 caches (1 to 40), I felt that I could easily have biked; only one stile. But after that, the route got very stylised.

I did 65 caches in total, and that took me 7 hours (lunch was delayed until 5pm). Early on, I was doing 10 per hour, and then got that up to about 12 per hour, but I slowed down a lot for the last 20, because:

A) My left heel was hurting each step I took. Probably my plantar fascitis, which is the reason why I mostly cache by bike.
B) And my left ankle, which felt like it was sprained, but only intermittently, although by the time I reached those last 20, it was continuous.
C) And then my right heel (see left heel)
D) And then my thighs were complaining about all the walking effort, and I could barely get over stiles.
E) And my back, which just seems to start aching after I go more than about seven miles.

By the time I got back home, I needed a crane to get me out of the car.

I did a bit more than ten miles today, which is clearly too much.

65 caches found, no DNFs.


  1. plantar fascitis....look into shock wave treatment. I had and it got so painful had to do something about it. After three treatments it went away completely and has not returned. Tony (TheTwoMotts)

  2. I know about plantar fasciitis, I've had it before. I don't think this is it, it feels quite different, and it's pretty much gone now (a week later).

    Here's my recipe for dealing with it: