Sunday 11 October 2015

Black cab blunder.

We visit daughter.1 frequently, and after the visit we get a cab from Victoria Street to Marylebone, to get the train home. Here's the complaint that I just posted to Transport for London.

We hailed the cab in Victoria Street, to go to Marylebone Station, to catch a train. He went via Edgware Road, which is fine, but he continued North up Edgware Road long past where he should have turned. We checked that he understood we were going to Marylebone Station, and he did.

He turned right at St Johns Wood Road, then right again down Lisson Grove. He crossed Marylebone Road, and then did a u-turn in Lisson Grove, and got back to Marylebone Road, and headed West.

When he got onto the Westway, I told him firmly that he was going completely the wrong way. He got off the Westway, turned, and started going East down Marylebone Road again. He passed the turn-off to Marylebone Station, and when he got to Baker Street  Station, I demanded that he stop and we got off, because it seemed to us that he had no idea how to get to Marylebone Station.

This is someone who has passed the Knowledge? Can't find Marylebone Station?

The meter showed £24 for a journey that usually costs is about £13. We paid him £20, and we would like a refund of that.

We missed our train, of course.

I've given them the licence number of the cab. In case you don't know what the QWestway is, it's the overpass that you take when you're near Marylebone and want to go west out of London, you can get to the M25 very quickly. If I hadn't protested very vigorously when the cabbie got onto the Weatway, heaven knows where he'd have taken us!

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