Thursday 8 October 2015

Accident claim, part 5

I got a phone call from xxxxx yyyyy. She wanted to thank me for bringing this matter to her attention; she also asked me to remove her address from the blog, which I've done. But I told her it's still available if you whois the domain name. Also, many of her details are available via Companies House, and I have no idea how she could get those removed. My guess is that you can't - the whole point is that it lets you find out who the directors of a company are. And she's listed as a company director of Renaissance, so anyone who wants to look up her personal details can do so (for example, date of birth).

The trail of personal information that we leave on the internet is surprisingly wide. You should google your own name and see what turns up!

She repeated that she has no cousin Ali yyyyy - she even said that she could send me a copy of her family tree, but I replied that this wouldn't be necessary. She told me that all this has been reported to the police; I didn't ask what the reported crime was. Making cold calls to someone, even when they're on the Telephone Preference Service, is not a crime. Cold-calling for people who might be willing to sue for an injury isn't a crime, it's just annoying. Is there a possibility that Ali is committing a fraud? I don't know.

I did suggest to her, that the way to trace Ali's true name and details, would be to use the fact that he seems to have access to the emails that go to, so the first port of call would be the IT specialist who set all this up for her. I also explained how I got her phone number in the first place - it was on the web site as the contact number. I'm guessing that her IT guy put it there.

I'm guessing that this will be the end of the matter as far as I'm concerned, although possibly the police will get in touch with me as part of the investigation that they'll be conducting. Not that I can help them much. All I know is the name that the caller gave, the name of the domain he wanted me to email, and a bunch of publicly available information.

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