Thursday 15 October 2015

New iPad

Ladysolly has been agonising over the new iPad Pro. She's an Apple fanboi (or should that be fangurl?) and has an iWatch, and iPad Mini, an iPhone 6 and an iPad 4 (I might have lost count there somewhere).If there were such things, she'd have an iHandbag and an iCar.

Apple have announced (or maybe it's just a rumour that everyone believes) that a 12.9 inch iPad (iPad Pro) will be coming out in November, and she's been agonising over whether she can justify getting one.

The agony is over. She dropped her iPad 4, and the screen is a bit cracked. It still works, but it's all she needs to justify getting the iPad Pro. And so I'll be inheriting an iCracked iPad to replace the old iPad (which I think might be an iPad 1) which I only ever use to watch youtube while I'm working.

So that's her Christmas present identified!

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