Saturday 3 October 2015

Accident claim

I was called by a nice man, who wanted to discuss my recent accident. As it happens, I was out caching recently and got a slight bruise on one of my legs as I was walking along, so I told him about that, and he seemed to think that this qualified for £3000 compensation. Nice!

So we discussed it a bit more, and he thought that it might have been my fault, but I assured him that it wasn't. He wanted to talk about a recent car accident, but I brought him back to my walking accident and the slight bruise on my leg.

So he wanted me to go back to the scene of the accident and take photographs, and also pictures of my leg, and I asked him where to send them.

So I did a whois on the domain name, it's registered to:

xxxxx yyyyy
zz zzzzzzz zzzz
E17 zzz

I've redacted the actual name. But you can whois it for yourself.I've also redactde the address, at the request of xxxxx yyyyy.

Companies House give the same address as their offices. The company director is xxxxx yyyyy. The company was established in November 2014. There is, according to Endole, an "Active proposal to strike off"

And I went to the web site. That gives a contact number which I tried; the person I got through to said that it was a private residence.

xxxxx (born on 14 June, 1988) is also with Renaissance Solicitors LLP which is based at:

413 Hoe Street
Walthamstow London
E17 9AP

Their phone number is 0208 521 1100

So I visited their web site, and found out more about xxxxx

It's the weekend, so they're closed. Their "emergency contact" number doesn't work either. I'll call them during next week.

 ... update ...

I got a call back from the contact number that was on the WhyNotClaim web site. I told her my name, and said I was looking to talk to xxxxx. She seemed to recognise the name, so maybe it isn't an innocent third party's number.

And then, soon after, I got a call from xxxxx, and we had a nice long chat. She told me that  WhyNotClaim was not an active company, and then she told me that it never had been. So I told her about the call I'd just had. She was apparently puzzled by this.
I told her where I'd got her phone number, and suggested that, if the company is not active, then maybe she should get the web site removed.

I didn't mention to her that I knew that she was the registrar of the domain name, and therefore was in control of the web site and the email address that I'd been asked to email to.

She said that she'd contact Companies House to get things sorted out. I told her that I'd be contacting Renaissance Solicitors. I plan to talk to their Compliance Officer, to ask about the practice of solicitors drumming up business with cold calls to random people.

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