Thursday 8 October 2015

Accident claim, part 4

I had another phone call from Renaissance, but I was out, so I called them back the next day. First, a small problem with their telephone system.

The person I needed to talk to was Afshan; she was in the middle of doing something, so I was put on hold. But after a minute on hold, a recorded voice told me that no-one was available to take my call, and I wa invited to leave a message. BEEP! And after another minute, the system hung up on me. I decided to leave it.

Then I got a call back from Renaissance. First, I explained to Afshan about the problem with her phone system. Apparently, they've had BT in to fix this, and she was disappointed that it hadn't yet been fixed. In my experience, when an IT problem is fixed, you have to check that it had indeed been fixed. But I suppose that some people don't do that.

Then to the meat of the matter.

Afshan had spoken to xxxxx yyyyy, and xxxxx had been quite upset that someone was using her name in all this. And her address! But I was assured that the web site has now been taken down. I checked, and it has. Now that's what I call swift action! But if you do a whois on the domain name, you still get the full name and address of xxxxx yyyyy. Still, at least this means that xxxxx's phone number is no longer available to anyone who goes to that web site. Unless you use the Internet Wayback Machine, which will presumably save the page for posterity. And although the main page of has indeed gone, you can still access the contacts page via Google, and all the contact information is in the Google cache.

Afshan also told me that xxxxx had no cousin called Ali, and that therefore Ali was mistaken in his claim that he was xxxxx's cousin. Also that the whynotclaim company had never been active, and was now being wound up. Also that xxxxx had only joined Renaissance in May 2015.

I pointed out that xxxxx was not only the owner of the company, she also, personally (she's listed as "UK Individual"), owns the domain name, and I explained that this meant that emails sent to would go to whoever she specified even though the web site no longer exists. And that, during the phone call to me by Ali, I'd been asked to email the photograph showing the accident details to; this means that the email was still active and accessible to someone.  Afshan said that she'd contact the IT person who had set all this up and look into it.

Finally, Afshan assured me that I wouldn't be getting any more phone calls from this source, and nor would anyone else.

The problem with this assurance, is that if the operation isn't being conducted by xxxxx, and if Ali isn't the cousin of xxxxx, and all this has nothing to do with Renaissance, how is Afshan going to put a stop to it? Maybe there's something that I haven't fully understood.

I'll probably never know, because I don't think Ali would have called me again even if I hadn't complained. Scammers. amd cold-callers, don't call you twice because it would be a waste of their time.

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