Saturday 17 October 2015

I'm a blogger

I'm a blogger.

I'm not like other bloggers, but I've had half a century to get used to the fact that I'm different from other people. Of course, everyone else is different from other people, but I suspect that my difference is more than the average. Anyway. My blogging is different.

Other blogs tend to be about one thing, or a couple of things. Mine is more a collection of essays, about a range of subjects. I'm heavy on geocaching, computer security and bicycles, and there's not much of a link between those three. I also write about gullibility (in various forms) and critical thinking; I write about unwanted intrusions into my time (spam, cold calls). About the vagaries of VAT, and the bonkersness of banks.

I don't do many pictures, because I prefer words to pictures. I don't do videos at all, because, again, I'd rather read ten pages of text in ten minutes, than watch an hour of video of someone saying the same stuff.

I don't mingle with other bloggers. Daughter.2 is very social, and part of her blogging experience, is the fun she has with other bloggers. I'm not a social person; I'm very happy to spend an entire day out caching with only my own thoughts for company. The only blogger I've met is daughter.2, and I knew her before she was a blogger.

For me, my blog is an outlet for my thoughts. It's also useful to me; if I want to remember something, then if I've blogged about it, then I can google it including the search term "drsolly". Handy.

I'm not on Twitter, because I can't imagine being able to say anything useful in 140 characters, and I'm not active on Facebook (except to point out especially bad notions) because Facebook is 99% noise. But my blog is an oasis of sanity and useful information, in a chaotic internet of insanity, uselessness and nonsense.

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