Thursday 30 June 2016

The weather in Poland.

 Chin up! Stiff upper lip!

The leading Brexiters are already saying that we'll have to agree to free movement in order to join EFTA. There's 40,000 regulations from the EU, and we can't just ditch them - for example, some of them are about food hygene standards. We'd have to rewrite our own. Laziness would tend to mean we'll just adopt the EU ones, plus if we do that, we'll still be able to export goods to Europe.

OK, joining EFTA will probably mean that we have to make a substantial contribution to the EU budget (£350m/week sounds possible) and we'll have to send money to Wales and Cornwall to replace the lost EU subsidies (but we've got £350m/week to use for that).

Losing Scotland seems likely, but they've been wanting to go for a while now, and if it wasn't this, they'd find another reason. And do we really want the top right hand corner of Ireland?

Bankers and suchlike will have a problem, because there won't be a uniform set of regulations (the "passport") that means that you only need to conform to that, so international banks will probably move to Frankfurt. But banks aren't too popular anyway, are they? Who needs 'em! But if we do need bankers, we could always raise their pay; we've got £350m/week to spend.

Other professions (doctors, dentists, architects etc) will face a similar problem. But we're losing doctors at a great rate anyway via Mr Hunt's measures; paying them extra out of that £350m/week will help with that.

I suppose there will be an influx of retired people coming home from Spain etc, when they no longer have access to Spanish health services, but we can always recruit the extra NHS and care staff we'll need out of that £350m/week.

The UK has been in decline for the last 100 years; WW1 was just too big a burden, in blood and money, and then WW2 finished the job, leaving us dry. The British Empire is no more, we need to come to terms with the fact that we're just a small offshore island North-West of Europe. The British Commonwealth is just a bunch of people who speak English, the Special Relationship is completely one-sided; I don't think many Americans have heard of it.

I doubt if the UK growth rate will drop by more than a couple of per cent per year.

With any luck, Boris will be PM, Jeremy will be leader of the opposition and Nigel will go from strength to strength as UKIP gathers support from the other main parties.

I wonder what the weather is like in Poland?


  1. We need control of our boarders and the right to deport any immigrant who steps the wrong side of the law. Eastern European population is small % but tell me why BBC Crimewatch program has a healthy wanted list of people who's name ends in Ski. We have too many imported criminals we cant get rid of, we need controlled boarders. 2 As Nigel says our national health service is National NOT international. Immigrants cant claim benefits ....Oh yes the can employment benefits Our low minimum wage is made up by employment benefits Ask yourself why do they all want to come here ? If you are English and go to Spain to live the chances of you getting a job are zero, the Spanish only give jobs to their own......The only way you will get a job in Spain is by being employed by an expat. The ONLY bad new to come from Brexit is that were still in the corrupt Eurovision Song contest

  2. To get "control of our borders" we'll have to not join the EFTA, which will mean that trading eith EU countries will put us at a 10% price disadvantage. We should expect to lose maybe 5% of national income.

    To have the right to deport any immigrant, we'll have to repeal our accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (which we set up in 1950).

    And none of this will have any effect whatsoever on the 50% of migrants who come from outside the EU.

    Still, at least we'll have that £350m/week to spend on the NHS.