Sunday 19 June 2016

Faster file transfer, and outings.

With only one rsync running, transferring data from the Dell 2950 to the R805, I was getting 18 gb/hour, which I felt was puny, since this is going between two fast computers, over a 1000 mbit link.

So I tried running several rsyncs in parallel, and wow! I'm getting about 100 gb/hour, which works out at over 200 mbit. Much better!

I don't really understand why this would be, though.

Tomorrow, ladysolly and I take the train to London to celebrate the birthday of daughter.1, who is now more than half as old as I am. And since it's Father's Day, I'm hoping for a surprise or so.

Then on Monday, I've persuaded ladysolly to go for an outing to Alfreton (where I'm picking up those three computers), with a promise of a meal out on the way back.

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