Thursday 23 June 2016

Back to the Essex Way

A long day out today, with a couple of disasters.

The first disaster was a puncture. I almost never get punctures, because of the extreme length I go to protect my tires. I say "almost", today was the first.

I carry a comprehensive tool kit. So first, I tried pumping up the tire; that didn't work, I could even hear the air hissing out. So I turned the bike upside down, and got my spanners out.

I'm rubbish at repairing punctures. So I carry a spare inner tube. Normally, I use thick wall inner tubes "thorn resistant", but they are very bulky, so the spare I carry is a normal thin wall tube. Changing the tube was pretty quick, and I carried on with my day. Half way through the day, I got back to the car for lunch. In the car, I carry (among other things) a "thorn resistant" inner tube, so after I'd eaten, I inverted the bike again, and swapped the inner tube, ready for the afternoon's run.

The second disaster happened in the afternoon; I was going over a very bumpy field, and the PDA flew off the holder. That's happened before, and it doesn't usually cause a problem, but this time, I managed to run over the PDA as it lay there, which broke it. Fortunately (actually, no luck is involved) I carry a spare PDA, so I was able to continue.

Along the route, I saw this:

Very tempting!

57 caches found, and a few DNFs.

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