Thursday 30 June 2016

Bye bye Boris.

Smart move.

Someone is going to have to take responsibility for implementing the decision of the referendum, to invoke article 50 and start the process of leaving the EU. That isn't going to be me. Whoever it is, is going to carry the can for failing to get a sufficiently good deal from the EU.

Here's what we want.

1) Brits should be allowed to live and work in the 27 countries, but foreigners can't come here.

2) The people of 27 countries should be required to conform to EU regulations, but we shoud only be required to conform to the ones we like the look of.

3) We get a free lifetime membership of the club. None of this "pay your dues" nonsense.

Here's what we will get. None of the above.

And whoever negotiates this deal will get as much of the blame as cannot be dumped on Johnny Foreigner.

So, Boris. You broke it, but you don't have to fix it. Smart move.

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