Thursday 9 June 2016

A Kentish cruise

Back to Kent again today, Milton Regis.

First I did a circuit on foot of about four miles, although I took a couple of wrong turns so it was more like five. I got back to the car at two o'clock, had lunch, relocated and then got the bike out for a cruise around town.

At about 5 pm, the battery on my PDA ran out, and that shouldn't happen, because I recharged it while I was lunching. I suspect that it wasn't actually recharging. Anyway, that left me with a problem. I usually carry a spare PDA, but I stupidly left it in the car. I do carry a spare battery for the PDA, but changing it is a bit of a performance, so I decided to use my iPhone instead. The problem with that, was that it rapidly got down to 40%, then 20%, so I made a beeline for the car, and got back just as it got down to 2%.

39 caches done, two DNFs.

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