Sunday 5 June 2016

Return to Kent

The Teynham Trio was calling me back. I did part one of this last week; today I did parts two and three.

On the bike, and first I did part two. Then back to the car for lunch, then out again for part three. I got back to the car after an eight hour day, 57 caches found, a few DNFs and my back hurts, my legs hurt and my fingers tingle from the nettle stings.

Near the end, I went along a bridleway to reach a puzzle I'd solved. But the bridleway ran through a field of rape, and at this time of year, the plants are thick and dense, and after a few yards I gave up. So I went to the other end of the bridleway, and found the same problem.

So then I went at it sideways, across a field of grass, and that got me to the bridleway just 80 yards from the cache, and the bridleway wasn't overgrown with rape.

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