Thursday 23 June 2016

I want democracy

The Brexiters have been banging on about the lack of democracy in the EU, despite the fact that the supreme body of the EU is the European Parliament, a body of 751 MEPs that are directly elected from the 28 countries of the EU. It has full legislative power, and the European Commission is accountable to parliament.

However, in the UK, we have the peculiar institution of the House of Lords, a body of 800 unelected people who have the power to veto legislation passed by our democratically elected House of Commons. And as icing on the cake, 26 of these are "lords Spiritual", meaning bishops of a religion that therefore has an automatic say in the laws that atheists must obey!

I want democracy.

I want my country back.

I want the House of Lords to be elected.


  1. I want out the EU we are an island nation and don't fit I'm fed up of being used by Europe The Italians will be the next out you can put money on that ! Watch the house of cards fall Merkal has cooked here goose too

  2. First, you are not an island nation. Are you relinquishing Northern Ireland already? Don't consider any of the residents British?

    Do share how you are being "used by Europe".

    No, the Italians will not be leaving. If the Greeks prefer to remain I can assure you the Italians will too.

    The correct spelling of the German leader's name is Merkel.

    Your orthography suggests your educational attainment is such that you have little control of your own life and that you wish to blame someone else for this. The EU is convenient target. It's actually considerably more democratic than the UK -- which has a larger number of unelected members of the house of Lords than the EU has MEPs.

    In any case, if you get your wish you will also get Scottish independence, followed later by Gibraltar and Northern Ireland. You will also get quite a few other things that will follow from a contraction of the UK economy as businesses leave the UK. Enjoy!