Thursday 23 June 2016

Today, we vote

First of all, I'd like to say that this whole circus has been thrust on us because our politicians wouldn't do the job that we pay them for. The way that a representative democracy works, is we choose 650 people and ask them to debate and make decisions on our behalf.

The problem that this solves, is that most of the issues that need to be decided are complicated, and you'd have to devote more time than you want to, to learn enough to make an informed decision. Brexit is complicated.

The other problem that it solves, is that the whole electorate, makes bad decisions. You can see that in action with the death penalty. The most recent poll on this shows that 48% of the electorate favour the death penalty for some crimes. Just a few years ago, the death penalty was favoured by a majority. So how come we don't have a referendum on that? Because our MPs have more time to think about this, and believe that they can come to a better conclusion.

This referendum was foisted on us because Cameron A) needed to stop the Tory party from splitting on this issue and B) fight off UKIP in the last election.

The latest odds frm the bookies are 4/1 against Brexit. So it looks like the electorate are going to make the right decision. But it could very easily (and, of course, still could, I write this before voting starts) have gone the wrong way.

When I set up a computer to do a job, and it then refuses to do it, I replace that computer.

We need to replace Cameron. But I can't think who with - Boris has blotted his copybook by his activities in the Leave campaign.


  1. The bookies odds are heavily affected by the size of the bets- I have seen a report that the individual stay bets are for much higher amounts than the leave bets. There are actually more people betting on leave, but betting smaller amounts.

  2. I'd be interested to read that report, where can I see it?

  3. Bookies odds-

  4. Interesting. Well, we'll see soon.