Sunday 26 June 2016

I feel another referendum coming on ...

Not on whether we should leave the EU, that's done and dusted. The next referendum will be in a couple of years time, and it will be on whether we should join EFTA or not. That's not counting the referendum about Scotland's independence, in which I won't be asked to vote.

If we join EFTA, we get access to the EU market, which means that companies wanting to set up shop and have access to the EU, can do so here, plus most of us speak pretty good English.

But to join EFTA, we'll have to agree to A) free movement of labour, B) conformance to most EU regulations and C) a contribution to the EU budget. Maybe £350 million per week.

This won't be popular, but it'll probably be the best deal we can get. And I'd guess it would need another referendum to approve, otherwise all the Brexiters will scream "We wanted our country back!"

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