Saturday 18 June 2016

Three more servers

One of the servers I got the other day was a Dell Poweredge 2950. I like it, I like it a lot. I like it so much that when I saw a job lot of two of them plus a 1950 on sale on Ebay, I put in a bid, and I won the auction at £62, which is a pretty good price for three servers!

The 2950 has two Sata ports on the motherboard, and I can add up to twelve more via the three PCIe slots. And my idea of having the drives in a separate enclosure has worked great, including the use of M-F Sata cables so that I can easily separate the drive box from the server box.

The downside is, the description was very vague - I don't know what I'll actually be getting. Are there any hard drives? How much memory?

If there's no hard drives, I already have four from the 2950 I already have, and I only need one of those in a server as the boot drive. And if there's no memory (or not much), I can buy 32gb for £36 (the 2950 has a top limit of 32gb).

All I have to do now, is go and collect them, then see what's in my lucky dip!

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