Wednesday 25 July 2012

Polishing off Blackwater

Another 32 caches today for my last crack at the caches on the seawall of the Blackwater estuary. The sun was hot hot hot, about 30 degrees, so I used lots of sun cream. And five bottles of water.

At about 12:30, my PDA crashed, and it took me ages to revive it; meanwhile I used the iPhone to actually find a cache. Maybe it's not quite as pants as I'd thought. Then, switching back to the PDA, I missed out one cache, and I'm not going back to pick it up. Rats.

32 caches, and a few DNFs.

The bike is going very well. I did 11 km using just battery no 6 (the newest one)

One cache involved me walking through head-high nettles; I'm in long trousers, but I had to keep my bare arms away from the stings.

I also finished off a few puzzles that I've had solved for a while, and I did a couple of multis. A good day out, and I'm not too tired, so I'll be out again tomorrow. Enjoy the summer while it lasts!

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