Tuesday 10 July 2012

Servers and iphones

Another drive failed on a server - when it starts up, it makes a clicking noise then spins down. A hopeless case, so I had to replace it, and reload the data. Not a big deal.

Good news though - I've inherited ladysolly's old iPhone 3. I've been using a Nokia Expressmusic, which runs Symbian. Symbian is now dead, no-one's doing development for it. And I'd guess that Nokia will be following soon, left behind by advancing technology.

The iPhone is really nice, I have to say. I've got Memory Map on it, and it's not as good as memory Map on my Loox, but it'll make a good backup GPS. And I've got an external battery-thing that roughly doubles battery life. And I've got a rubbery stylus, so that I don't have to use a finger to use the iPhone. I have two problems with using a finger. A) it isn't accurate (I'm used to using a fingernail). And B) I often get muddy hands when I'm out caching.

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