Saturday 7 July 2012


First the back rack. I took two of the blanking plates that cover the expansion slots on a PC, and drilled two holes in each. Then I took two of the caged nuts and bolts that are used in 19 inch equipment racks, and using this, I made an extension to the back rack support that mives it a few inches backwards. I tested it out, and my heels no longer foul the saddlebags. My old metalwork teacher, Mr Edwards, would be proud.

Then I poured hydraulic fluid into the front suspension. I'm using the same stuff that goes in the Landrover's brake cylinder.

Then I fitted the speedometer to the bike - I like to know how far I've gone, because that tells me how good the battery is. And what the time is.

Then I fixed my GPX analyser, so that it splits the POIs for Tomtom into a North and a South half. The reason for doing that - well, when Tomtom has too many POIs, it gets very slow at updating the display. Halving them will probably fix that.

Then I changed the default map on my Loox from the 1:250,000 road map (which is 134 megabyes) to a much bigger scale "Route planner" map that's only 8 mb. That will make it faster to load when I start up, and the 1:250,000 isn't much use for walking, and I do my car navigation with the Tomtom.

Then I looked at the spare Loox, and made sure that it works with my GPS.

And in the evening, I took my electric razor apart and cleaned out the hair, bits of beard and general goop that was clogging it up.

I've always found fixing things very satisfying.

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