Monday 23 July 2012

Blackwater again

Out to Blackwater for a day on the bike. The weather is perfect, clear blue sky. I did two routes - in the morning, I did the Pirate Adventure plus a few extras. I didn't do the Pirate Adventure in the order recommended, I thought I'd be clever and shorten it a bit. What I didn't realise, is that there are two tracks on either side of the river, so I found myself haveing to cross over now and then, which was annoying.

Then I tried to do The Pits. I did some of them, but there was one I couldn't quite see how to get to, and another one would have involved forcing my way down a footpath overgrown with rapeseed plants, and at this time of year, that's not much fun - I'll go back after harvest, it'll be a lot easier then.

In the afternoon, I did more of the St Peter's ring, but I found myself going over some very ropy ground, through a bog (and I filled my boots). Then along a sea wall, but that was very overgrown - at one point, I was forcing my way along a yard at a time. Then across a deep ditch (wth the bike, of course) which refilled my boots. Eventually I got to the estuary wall, and then the going was a lot easier.

50-odd caches, and a very good day out. But I'm knackered, of course. There's still a whole bunch in that area for me to do.

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