Monday 30 July 2012

Accessing Alconbury

I went round two circuits in Alconbury, on the bike. While I was doing it, I was also noting how much life each battery had.

B1 1.5 miles
B2 6.5 miles
B5 4.7 miles

Looks like B1 is ready to be retired. B3 and B4 have already had an honourable discharge. Groan.

I got 55 caches, and a few DNFs, including one that I've DNFed before (but it was missing then). I also picked up a nice puzzle that came out a short while ago; "There's always a place for pie".

The weather was mostly good, but it did rain a little bit. And a few minutes after I got back to the car at the end of the day, it poured.

The batteries for the PDA are getting weak too, so I bought a couple of new ones, named C1 and C2. Also, the saddle bags are almost worn out. I think if I were using them normally, riding along a road, they'd last a lot longer, but going through rough ground makes them wear a lot faster. It's just as well I'm using really cheap bags - chosen because I can slip them off and on quite quickly, because to get the bike over obstacles, I have to take off the saddle bags (carring the very heavy extra batteries) in order to lift it.

At one point the chain slipped off the pedal-end sprocket completely, and got itself jammed in. I had to stop, invert the bike and tease the chain out before I could continue.

Another fun thing - I stopped at a litttle wooden bridge to get the cache there. I leaned the bike against the handrail, as I usually do, and got under the bridge. While I was there, the bike rolled forward, off the bridge, and fell onto its side. The PDA bounced out and fell on the grass, but it was undamaged, I'm glad to say. The PDA holder, though, is broken. It's just as well I have a spare.


  1. Kept my word, found your blog. Must remember to curtsey next I see her ladyship. Regards, Cinderalla

  2. She sees a lot of bowing and scraping. Especially scraping.