Monday 2 July 2012

Cache pages on iPhone?

The way I put the cache page info on the Mio and Loox PDAs, is HTML files, and I do a link from Memory Map, so that when you tap on the cache flag, it brings up the HTML file with the cache description, type, hint and logs. It would be nice to do the same thing on the iPhone.

To do it on the Loox, I use file:// instead of http:// - that tells the Internet Explorer browser to look at a local file instead of over the internet. Simple, and it works.

You can't do that on the iPhone. The browser won't recognise file://

This is a particular instance of a general iPhone limitation; one app can't access another app's data.

So what can be done?

One way would be to "jailbreak" the iPhone. What that means, is get root access. I have root access on every computer I own. But Apple don't allow it on the iPhone, so you have to find a clever way to get it, and that's called a jailbreak. It's legal - I can do whatever damage I want to my own property. But I don't think ladysolly would allow it on her iPhone, and I'd be nervous about doing it on mine, because it means I'm trusting someone else to know what they're doing and not cause unwanted side effects.

There's another possibility, though. There's an app called ServersMan, which is a web server running on your iPhone. Then I could use ( means "myself") to access files on the iPhone. Maybe. Would that work? I googled "ServersMan" and I got a lot of articles in Japanese.

I think I'll probably leave it.


  1. How about using Dropbox? At least you could get the files onto the iPhone, not sure how Memory Map would link to them.

  2. I can get the files onto iPhone no problem. What I can't do, is read them using the web browser, and the web browser is what Memory Map starts up when you tap on a cache flag.