Wednesday 4 July 2012

Passage to Silkingrad

Up to Stevenage today, but I was being very cautious, because the last time I went out, my right thigh gave up the ghost; it was *SO* painful at the end of the day, I could barely hobble. And I don't know why.

Today, no trouble with the thigh, so maybe that's fixed itself. And the tendonitis seems to have gone, I haven't had it for a few weeks now. My right arm is still a bit achey from when I fell into that ditch, but it's progressing, and I can use it, although cautiously.

No, the big problem today was the bike. As soon as I go on it, the electric assist didn't work - so much for my theory about an overheating controller.

So, what's wrong. Is it the throttle? The controller? The motor? I get occasional power, but today, it was *very* occasional, and I was using it as a traditional bike.

Until I have this sorted, I'll used the backup bike (fortunately, what I bought on Ebay was a pair of bikes). That now has a back carrier, so I can use my saddlebags, and I've changed the inner tubes for thorn resistant Kendras, plus I've put in the Weldtite gel insert, so I'm pretty puncture resistant. And now that I've sorted out the saddle post, it's ready to roll.

36 caches today, including "Passage to Silkingrad" which is a very old multi cache I've been wanting to do for ages, involving a tour of Old Stevenage. And I also did a puzzle cache that required me to solve a 3-D rolling ball bearing puzzle. I made that easier for myself by using a strong magnet to move the ball, rather than using gravity to try to roll it to where I wanted it to go, that made it much easier.

I got it open in about 20 minutes, which isn't bad. But inside, I didn't find a log book to sign. I found a set of coords, which was nearby, and when I go there, I found ... another 3-D puzzle. But this time it only took a few minutes, since I'd had the practice of the first one. An excellent cache!

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