Sunday 22 July 2012


To Oxford today, to attend the Geolympics. Wow. I've never seen so many geocachers in one place. about 1000 attendees.

I spent most of the day selling Geolympics geocoins - that's how the event is mostly going to be funded. Plus the t-shirts which were selling like hot cakes. One of the boxes of coins arrived *just* in time, the other is still in customs, and coins will be sent on to people. I bought a fine blue t-shirt for myself. And I had a great time talking about "Technology in geocaching", which included several stories about how I fall over while out.

I spent the whole day standing up, and yelling to make myself heard over the roar of the croaw, so now I'm exhausted and voiceless.  But I'm going out again tomorrow ...

A great event, which would never have happened without SimplyPaul's efforts (and with a bit of help from his friends).

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  1. It couldn't have happened without a little help from my friends. Thanks for all your efforts - and theirs - solly :)