Monday 9 July 2012

An email from my bank

You should never, ever, reply to emails from your bank. because your bank will never, ever email you. Any email claiming to be from your bank, isn't. It's from a scammer.


Barclaycard epdq sent me an email asking me to confirm my email address. And it looked very realistic, so I looked at it really carefully. And it still looked realistic. And how would a scammer know I was using Barclaycard epdq? Well, how does a scammer know I bank with Icky-scratchy Bank - they don't, they just send out a million emails, and some of their targets really do bank with Icky-scratchy Bank. And I don't.

So I called tech support there. And they confirmed that they really had sent me an email asking this. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So I gave them a *long* lecture about how no-one with any sense will reply to their email, and did they really want people to reply to emails apparently from the bank? And I asked for my complaint to be escalated.

Why do I have to keep explaining to banks about computer security?


  1. In reply to your question, it seems banks don't understand how to run a bank properly these days? What chance have they with computer security and server updates/roll-backs? A bit scary really!

    1. Well, I do my little bit to try to educate them.