Wednesday 2 May 2012

Too much drsolly

I got on the scales last night. 18 stone, 5 pounds. That's 257 pounds, or 117 kilograms. And that's too much.

Something Must Be Done. And the only thing that's going to work, is to eat less, and cut out some of my favourites altogether. Exercise is a good idea, but I'm already doing as much as I can, by going out caching.

Being so badly overweight is not only bad for my health, it also must be bad for my hip problem, which doesn't hurt when I sit or lie down, but hurts when I put weight on it. So putting less weight on it must be a good idea.

So how much will I lose? Well, a bit of research on the net says that my ideal weight is 178 pounds, that's 12 stone 10 pounds. So I could do without 80 pounds.

Just so we know what 80 pounds is - if I tried to lift 80 pounds, I'd be running a strong risk of putting my back out again. Or, so put it another way, my bike weighs about 40 pounds, so that's two bikes. No wonder I struggle to get over stiles.

So, I ask again, how much will I lose?

I don't know. It depends on how long I can live without all the nice things to eat. Right now, I'm looking at a hot cross bun, but I'm not going to eat it.

Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted here.


  1. What I want to know, is where is the Hot Cross bun now!!

    Oh and if you should only be 12St 10lb, and you're taller than I am, I must need to diet!!

    Let's look out that book,. erm... SeaFood Diet, i think its called...

  2. I don't know what happened to the bun, all I know is that I didn't eat it. I think ladysolly recycled it into the fridge. Want it?

    My dieting, at this stage, is going to consist of 1) nothing fried, 2) no pies, 3) "lighter bite" sandwiches (and only one instead of two) 4) expecting to constantly feel hungry.

  3. Ok, not wanting to bring this back to reality, my Mrs, is very successfully using Slimming World "extra easy" diet. You can eat interesting thngs, including fried (just use Fry light) and I'm sure ladysolly will enjoy supporting you in it.

    Anyway enough of this idle chit chat, get back out there caching!!

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