Friday 25 May 2012

Biking around Pinner

And Eastcote and Ruislip.

First of all, Freda wouldn't start, because I'd left something draining the battery for many hours. So I took the Volvo, and only just made my appointment in time.

A visit to my gum dentist today, and I scored very high marks - so much so, that I don't need to be inspected for another year. And while in that area, I visited Ruislip Lido to do the picture multi there, which was very good, but I got two DNFs on the trads there.

And then I did a bike tour of Pinner, Eastcote and Ruislip. The weather was great (I've slightly caught the sun on my arms) and I zoomed around the roads bagging cache after cache. A very good day out, and then on to the Rickmansworth Aquadrome for some more whizzing around.

The bike performed well, but I have to replace the back brake blocks and tighten the spokes a bit.

When I got back, I found that drive f of Dovda had totally failed, which is good news, because it's been acting a bit umpty for some weeks now, and the total failure makes it easier to replace (because it's easier to work out which of the 15 drives it is).

The hip, I'm pleased to say, is still good.

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