Wednesday 9 May 2012

Getting the needle

I've got a date for my jab, 17th May.

I've been pretty much at a standstill on caching, because walking is painful, on account of my hip bursitis (or tendonitis), and that's very frustrating. Sitting down is fine, but walking hurts; sometimes more, sometimes less. And standing still hurts. So when I walk, or when I stop and look for a cache, it's constantly painful, and that isn't conducive to going out.

I'm to get a local anaesthetic in my leg before the jab; that's telling me that without the local, it would be *very* painful, which means that even with the local, I'm not looking forward to it ... except that my reading on the internet says that I get pretty much immediate relief from the pain, which will be welcome.

Fingers crossed.

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