Sunday 27 May 2012

Boiling in Banbury

Out today with ladysolly to a ring near Banbury, the first time I've let her out for several weeks (on accout of my hip). The temperature was 28, which is very close to ladysolly's melting point. Plus I was wary of my hip, so we did a ring that claimed to be three miles (and turned out to be more like four). Ladysolly didn't melt down, but my hip was complaining loudly by the time we got back to the car - it seems I have to take this a bit more gently. So it's back to caching on the bike, which I know is OK, having been out on Friday for the whole day on the bike.

Then on to a pub event - not a lot of people there, but a good time to be had. 24 caches done today.

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