Tuesday 22 May 2012

More Daisy

So today, I got an email from X telling me that Y "has put this on her to-do list". And that, of course, was like a red rag to a bull.

Here's what I replied:

"It's on my to-do list" ?

This is for something that will take her about 30 seconds to do. It would have been quicker for her to do it
than to add an entry to her to-do list.
And when does this bubble up to the top of her list? Christmas?

You guys at Daisy have some serious organisational problems.

Question 1 - is this provision operationally feasible?
Answer 1 - well, it has been for the last two years, and nothing changed.

Question 2 - is Internet Privacy a sufficiently creditworthy company for us to risk supplying them?
Answer 2 - well, they've been fine for the last several years we've been supplying them.

Question 3 - is Daisy Group capable of doing the necessary administration?
Answer 3. Clearly not. Not within a month or so, anyway.

I sent this email to X, to X's manager Z, and to P. P is the Chief Executive of Daisy. I got his name from their web site, and I got his email address by guessing that, as all the people at Daisy that I've dealt with have then he would too. And you know what? It doesn't matter if that is his email address or not, the idea was to explode a firework up Daisy's collective arsehole.

And it worked. I got a phone call from Q to tell me that this would be all completed by close of business toady.

We'll see ...

 ... later ...

Y sent me an email, which includes page one of the contract, and is missing pages 2 and 3. Page 3 is the one that has their signature. So I emailed her, X, her boss, X's boss and the CEO to explain that, no, actually, I *still* don't have their signature on a contract.

And they want me to fax back a signed copy of their "Certificate of Acceptance". I'll put that on my "to do" list.

 ... later ...

Actually, pages 2 and 3 were there; she sent me a layered tiff, and I had to strip off the top layer to see the second.

... Later ...

You're probably wondering who X, Y, Z, P and Q are. Well, I had an email from W, threatening me with legal action unless I removed names and email addresses from this blog. Why? They didn't say.

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