Tuesday 15 May 2012

No phone number

When you buy something on the internet, you're often dealing with a company you've never heard of. Sometimes you're dealing with someone you know, such as John Lewis, or Harrods, but all too often you're buying from a complete stranger.

How do you know if they're kosher?

You can't go by how professional their web site looks - anyone can spend £50 to get a nice-looking web site. But there is one important test that you can apply.

Do they give a phone number?

In my experience, every reputable company will give a contact number that you can call. If a company doesn't give a phone number, then that doesn't mean that they're scammers, but certainly scammers are reluctant to give a phone number, for obvious reasons.

So I make it a rule - I never buy anything from a company that doesn't give a phone number on their web site.

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