Monday 14 May 2012

Happy birthday, Charlie

Up to London yesterday with ladysolly to celebrate the first birthday anniversary of grandson.1.

Grandson.1 had a great time crawling with all the other babies, daughter.1 had a great time getting sozzled with all the other mums, ladysolly had a great time playing with grandson.1 and I had a great time sitting quietly in the corner, drinking champagne and reading my book. I only emerged once, to join in a mums discussion of "I was hoping for a boy" and "I was hoping for a girl", to interject "I was hoping for a dog", which they seemed to think was hilarious. It's the champagne.

Daughter.2 was there also, of course, and did something very brave. When I went back to the buffet for third helpings, she confiscated it, citing "You're on a diet", which is quite true. So instead, I grazed quietly on salad.

Grandson.1 is almost walking now, I think, but he's so good at crawling that the incentive to two-legged perambulation isn't there. But he must be feeling the imperative, and there are big advantages to being on two legs - you move faster, you see further and it frees up your hands.

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