Wednesday 23 May 2012

Holmer Green

Out caching today to Holmer Green, a circuit on the bike. My hip was sending me slight messages as I reached the end of the circuit, so I decided to leave it at that. 21 caches done today.

I've decided not to have the big cortisone injection. All it does, it reduce the inflammation and stop it hurting, and since that's already happened spontaneously, I see no point in having unnecessary treatment.

But here's a neat thing. As well as the private scheme, I'm also in the NHS system. I went private because by paying a few hundred pounds, I could get done a month or so sooner, and my ability to walk is easily worth that. But my NHS case is still slowly wending its way through the system, so if the inflammation problem is back by the time the NHS springs into action, I can go with that. But I suspect I won't need to.

We used to get this sort of thing in the data recovery business from time to time - a drive would arrive, we couldn't find anything wrong with it, we stripped off the data to floppies and sent that back to the delighted customer. We used to say "the postman fixed it".

And I've placed a new cache. On the way to replace the "Latimer Phone Box" cache, I saw such a lovely place for a cache, and found a very interesting hide for it. And, just to make it more difficult, I've made it a puzzle cache called "telnet 143".

The coords given are false (that's always true for a puzzle cache), there's no description and there's no hint. Let's see how long that foxes people.


  1. Ok, I'm new to Geocaching, and not as clever as the great Dr S. but the biggest clue you give is by saying that the coords are false.

    Having checked, and knowing a little about you, I still have no idea!
    So start with what you know. Terrain is easy! Difficulty is high. No clues whatsoever, and its 94.6 east of my home!

    I know the ANSWER!!!

    Its too blinking far to go!! Would have been a nice FTF and would love to have signed the log, but perhaps i'll have to wait a little long, and hone my skills better.

    Not Julia.

  2. Email me the answer, and I'll tell you if you're right.