Saturday 5 May 2012

A Knight cache

Last night, I (accompanied by SimplyPaul, Figures and Heffalump007) did one of the best night caches I've done.

It started with an excellent puzzle, solved with help from ladysolly, who pointed out that it would be a good idea to read the cache page.

Then out to find it, with SP, Heff and figures. I was glad that I'd brought the big UV torch, I don't think that one of the little keyring jobs would have sufficed.

So I climbed over a stile and set off in the wrong direction, only to be called back by the others. And we followed the fire tacks. Then we spotted the first double tack, and fanned out to look for what we could find. SimplyPaul found what we needed, in a place I that I'd said couldn't possible the possible, and we pressed on. After that, it was a matter of following the trail and finding the info at the double-tacks, until we finally wound up at the triangle of tacks.

Finding the container took a while - a very sneaky hide! Then we followed the instructions, getting back to a place we'd been before, and then a bit of projection, and finally SimplyPaul located a big ammo can. Left small torch, TFTC

An excellent cache, well done.

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