Monday, 14 December 2015

The Gtech ebike

I've seen the advert for this before, but today, ladysolly drew it to my attention.

"Would you like one of these?"


And I read the advertisement. It's reduced from £1695 to £995, but even at that lower price it doesn't look like a good buy.

I checked their web site. It's a bit short of technical details.

It doesn't tell me how powerful the motor is. 250 watts is the standard, but it might be 200, or even less, there's no way to tell.

It doesn't tell you the capacity of the battery. The standard is 10 amp-hours, but it could be less, there's no way to tell. It says it's a "powerful 36v battery", but that tells you nothing about the capacity.

There's no gears. Hilariously, this is presented as an advantage! "There are no confusing gears to worry about." I don't find gears "confusing", but I do find that they help a lot in going up hills.

There's no chain, instead it uses a belt, which it calls "a clean carbon belt drive" by which I'm guessing it means a carbon-fire reinforced synthetic rubber belt. This is also presented as an advantage "there is no oily chain". I don't see that as much of an advantage, if any.

There's no suspension, front or rear. There's no rear carrier rack.

There's no mudguards. If you use this bike on a wet road, you're going to get mud spattered on your back and thrown up into your face.

But the worst feature is surely the price of £995. I just went on Ebay; you can get a new electric bike for £459 with 6 gears, front suspension, mudguards, rear carrier rack, 36V 9AH battery driving a 250 watt motor.

Or a new folder for £474 with 7 gears, front and rear suspension, no mudguards, front and rear disc brakes, 36V 10AH battery driving a 250 watt motor.

Ebay is a great place to buy stuff. If you buy something that's advertised in the newspapers, guess who is paying for that advert.


  1. As of new year electric bikes will have to be type approved if you want to ride them on the road so you'll have to be even more careful what you buy on Ebay.

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