Tuesday 29 December 2015

People are good

When I get off the bike and start looking for a cache, I often lay the bike down. That's because on many surfaces, using the kick stand leads to the bike falling over, which can cause damage, especially to the gps holder.

Sometimes, a car will come alongside, and ask if I'm OK. This is because my bike looks as if I've had an accident, and I'm standing around looking rather random, because I don't really want a car driver to see me looking for a cache.

I perceive this as part of the innate goodness of people. They really are concerned that I've come off the bike and might be injured. I get this from both men and women, old and young.

So I say to them something like "Thanks for asking, I'm fine, I'm just haveing a short rest" and they go on their way.


  1. Are you sure its good intent ......or WTF is he doing there ?

  2. He's got a badge to cover that scenario..

  3. I can usually tell the difference. When it's a WTF, they either get the identical "I'm fine thanks" or if they persist, they get "I'm counting the slugs",

  4. How many slugs have you counted to?