Tuesday 29 December 2015

People are good

When I get off the bike and start looking for a cache, I often lay the bike down. That's because on many surfaces, using the kick stand leads to the bike falling over, which can cause damage, especially to the gps holder.

Sometimes, a car will come alongside, and ask if I'm OK. This is because my bike looks as if I've had an accident, and I'm standing around looking rather random, because I don't really want a car driver to see me looking for a cache.

I perceive this as part of the innate goodness of people. They really are concerned that I've come off the bike and might be injured. I get this from both men and women, old and young.

So I say to them something like "Thanks for asking, I'm fine, I'm just haveing a short rest" and they go on their way.


  1. Are you sure its good intent ......or WTF is he doing there ?

  2. He's got a badge to cover that scenario..

  3. I can usually tell the difference. When it's a WTF, they either get the identical "I'm fine thanks" or if they persist, they get "I'm counting the slugs",

  4. How many slugs have you counted to?

  5. It's heartening to see people genuinely care about each other's well-being. Your encounters while geocaching highlight the innate goodness within humanity. Your graceful response to their concern fosters connection and goodwill between strangers. These small acts of kindness reaffirm my belief in the goodness of people. Thanks for sharing your uplifting experiences!