Tuesday 8 December 2015

American refugees

Here's a question - how many American refugees should we be willing to accept?

Two leading presidential candidates are Trump and Sanders.

Trump is a right-wing candidate who plans to turn America into a fortress, with walls to keep out Mexicans, and no entry for Muslims.

Sanders is a socialist, who plans to soak the rich, introduce a National Health system and level down incomes.

Either way, there's a bunch of Americans who will want to emigrate, and the UK is a likely desired destination, because Americans speak a similar language to English. But there's downsides to having too many Americans.

1) They'll want to bring their guns. So many Americans love their guns.
2) They'll push for theocracy. A lot of Americans think that their particular religion (usually one of the sects of Protestant Christianity) should be the law of the land.
3) When they discover that they can have their teeth done for free, they'll swamp our dental service.
4) They have approximately 365 mass shootings per year. That's not the British Way of having an argument.

We should start mid-Atlantic patrols, so that we can intercept boatloads of American migrants in rubber boats rowing across the Pond and send them back to New York. We need to set up internment camps, so that any that do reach our shores can be properly vetted before granting them possible refugee status.

So we should obviously place a limit on how many American refugees we should accept, and it's not too soon to start thinking about it.


  1. Doc, as you said in an earlier post, how are you going to show/prove they are American Refugees and not someone masquerading as one just to get into Britian.
    We could turn Northern Ireland into a Martello tower, and put a nuclear arsenal in it to defend the "green and pleasant land"

  2. You're right! We'll have to rethink this policy.