Wednesday 9 December 2015

Hartley Heart attack, part 5

Another slice of this great series. I did 51 caches today, including one I DNFed last time out, but I DNFed another one today. I found two more of the bonus codes, so now I have three out of (I think) six.

I had hoped to do an additional small loop of two dozen, but by the time I finished the 51, my back hurt too much to continue.

This series is going nicely.

A couple of problems while I was out. After the first few caches, my pannier split, so I went back to the car to get a spare. And then, about 2/3 of the way round, one of the bolts holding my rear carrier to the bike came loose and fell out. Fortunately, I carry a very comprehensive toolkit, including spare bolts! So I was able to replace it.


  1. You'll need to find 8 (unique) bonus codes.

  2. And I'll need to discover what to do with them!