Wednesday 16 December 2015

Vatican souvenir shops caught selling fake papal blessings

You have to love this. Some naughty moneymakers have been selling fake papal blessings.

It's appalling. Shops selling medicine promising that god will cure your cancer, dishcloths with an image of the virgin Mary (taken from an actual photograph, I suppose), and, worst of all, fake blessings.

Don't they realise that fake blessings are less powerful than real blessings? Fake indulgencies that claim that they'll reduce your time in purgatory, won't actually have that effect - and may even *increase* your time in purgatory?

Real blessings cost from $10 to $25, and they really have been blessed by the pope, making them really really holy, and ...

No, I can't do this any more, I'm laughing too hard.


I'll bless you, it's free. Just post a comment to this blog. And you get a cast iron guarantee that you won't have to spend any time at all in purgatory.


  1. How do you know for certain that fake blessings are less powerful? I'm sure they could be more powerful, if they came for Dot Cotton or Richard Branson or one of the meerkats!! I am also convinced that the $25 ones are better than the $10, simples, sorry I mean simply cos if I paid $25 out, I would seriously want it to work, and thats 80% of the battle :)

    Just a little observation for Ms Silverspoon, as she has spent years going on at you about internet marketing, finally you have a "call to action" in your blog, so I have acted and posted (not sure how you make money from it, but possibly Google pay you $1 for each post made!), and I look forward to not going to purgatory, (I do hope it covers all my other sins too and not just any I have made on this blog over the years, oh and I also hope it covers non Catholics too)
    Thank you,

  2. Yes, it's universal, and it's covered by the usual guarantee. I don't make money out of this, but it's a mitzvah, so counts towards reducing my time in purgatory.

  3. Lol! Trust me google does not pay you to blog!

  4. How do we know that you won't give fake blessings?

  5. Have faith, my son, have faith. And blessings be upon your head.