Wednesday 23 April 2014

Weldon and Gretton

Out on the bike today; first a circuit around Weldon, including four multis that I thought were puzzles and solved before I set out, only to find that the info I needed was given on infoboards at the indicated places. Except that they weren't; one was in the wrong place, and I couldn't find another one at all. But the info that I'd got from Google let me find all the caches.

I forgot to take my battery monitors on the trip. And the voltmeter/ammeter gave up - I think the battery that powers it is past it's throw-away date. I'll investigate.  No voltmeter, meant that I had to guess when to change the battery, and confirm the guess by looking at the watt-hours meter in the panniers. But forgetting the battery monitors - that's just stupid. I'll incorporate them in the driving harness in future, so I can't forget.

Then to Gretton, and there was an excessive number of stiles that needed me to lift the bike, which is some 60 pounds of awkward metal. But I managed to get over them all (and some I wa able to avoid) so I got there in the end. I'll pay for that, though - my back will give me hell tomorrow.

I also cleared up an old DNF. 59 caches found today.

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