Thursday, 3 April 2014

Bank error in my favour

I got a letter from the people who do my credit card acceptance (my bank), entitled "IMPORANT: ACTION REQUIRED". Further down the letter it said "Important - act now".

It seemed to be telling me that I have to change my credit card proceessing software. And that's after having to change it not many months ago because they changed things at their end, and decided not to make a tranparent converter from the old format to the new, so instead of the bank making a converter, all their customers had to.

So, I phoned up to find out exactly what I'd have to do, and at the same time I complained about having to make yet another change to my software. Because the person I spoke to seemed to think that I was unaffected by the new stuff, and shouldn't have got the letter.

The lady I spoke to at the complaints department, was unaware of all this, and I had to help her get hold of a copy of the letter that had been sent out. Today, she got back to me.

She confirmed that I am indeed unaffected by these changes. She thought that someone in the bank had hit a panic button and sent out an unnecessary letter to a lot of their customers, and she was expecting a very busy time in the days to come, responding to all the complaints. I also got the impression that the person who sent the letter had been given a very large telling-off. A rocket. On the carpet. He's a very naughty boy.

I'll be getting a letter confirming all this soon, and then she told me that, because I've been given this unnecessary time-wasting, they're going to give me £50! Bank error in my favour!

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